Best 9 Health Tips Every Men & Women Should Know

Beauty is more than just mere attractiveness and seductive charm. It is indeed a quality that greatly heightens the pleasures of both the beholder and viewer. The first and most important beauty rule to adopt is contentment. If you are happy about the way you look then surely your face will be radiant and cheerful and you will surely spread pleasure all around.

1. If you wish to have a perfectly smooth and soft skin then apply small amounts of petroleum jelly on your skin particularly under the eyes, on the laugh lines, lips and elbows. Not only will this render your skin amazingly soft, but the rich moisture will add a beauteous glow to your skin.

 2. When tweezing eyebrows, go for a natural arch that best compliments your face structure and style. Over-tweezed eyebrows may ruin your look and make your eyes appear to be too far apart. 

3. If you have spent a sleepless night and have an important meeting the next day then try applying white eyeliner under the lower eyelids for a wide awake look. This makes eyes looks bigger and fresher.
 4. Blushes and bronzers should be used only to highlight the cheekbones and the contours of face instead of hiding them.  Overuse of these products will without doubt ruin your efforts and give you a sun-burnt look.
5. When washing dishes, wear gloves to protect your hands and nails from harsh chemicals and detergents. They render your nails overtly dry and leave your skin hard, thus destroying the soft feel of your hands. For women who are extra cautious about their hands, regular use of a hand cream before putting on the rubber gloves to retain the baby softness of their hands is recommended.
6. Trimmed hand and toe nails give a neat and well-maintained look. When trimming nails leave a little extra space above the skin to provide some room for filing. File your nails properly and straight to avoid growing them in disorderly patterns. Furthermore, people with diabetes should be extremely cautious while trimming their toe nails. The safest way is to trim them straight across to prevent any ingrown toe nail formations. 

7. Leaving your hands and feet damp for long periods exposes them to increased risks of fungal infections. Hence dry your hands and feet properly, particularly between the fingers and toes to reduce any such risks.
 8. If your nails are marked with small white spots then you probably have a deficiency of zinc in your body. Add milk and boiled egg into your daily diet to improve your health as well as the look of your nails.

 9. Apply makeup in natural light rather than opting for orange light bulbs that appear brighter. As these bulbs have a different shade than that of natural light, your blush and foundation shades may appear to be a tad different in their light.
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