6 Best Anti Aging Secrets

Controlling the aging process is the key to longevity, a healthy life and an improved mind and body vitality. While most people believe in anti-aging drugs and herbal remedies and treatments for ant aging, it is crucial to realize that the process of aging can be controlled and delayed only to a certain extent by practicing safe habits and risk-free customs. Listed below are a few anti aging secrets that will provide you the most optimum results with your battle against aging.

1. Consume products that are rich in Resveratrol:
Resveratrol is a chemical substance found in certain plants particularly in the skins of grapes other fruits. Known to possess qualities to defend the body against various forms of cancers and heart diseases; in the field on anti aging this antioxidant product has indeed proven its mark. Antioxidants are responsible for provide around-the-clock defenses against free-radical damage to arteries. Resveratrol is also found to a certain extent in peanuts, berries, seaweed and certain pine trees. It is available in its pure natural form and also in various supplements and common anti-oxidant rich foods in the market. However, before opting for any of these supplements, it is advisable to consult your doctor to fully understand its pros and cons.

2. Adopt a healthier lifestyle:
The key to ant aging is not just consuming a particular set of minerals and vitamins but also adopting healthy and heart friendly habits which in turn help to repair the body’s DNA. As astounding as it may sound, latest studies indicate that healthy lifestyle contributes to longevity by decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and increasing the production of telomerase, an enzyme responsible for repairing and lengthening of telomeres.
Telomeres form the end of a eukaryotic chromosome and act as caps to keep the sticky ends of chromosomes from randomly clumping together. Consequently, short telomeres signalize an increased heart disease and cancer risks. 

3. Induce Exercise into your life:
Inducing exercise in one’s life can actually enable one to live longer with an improved body. Try to exercise at least four times a week to keep your body and heart active and healthy.

4. Refrain from excessive Meat and Pork consumption:
Studies reveal that a diet which is heavy in red meat can considerably increase the risks pertaining to heart and colon cancer. Hence, if you wish to protect your health and improve your life expectancy then avoid consuming red meats and eat plenty of fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

5. Be optimistic:
What we often ignore as being the crucial element of our lives is the factor of blithe vitality which gives us a reason to live while always looking at the brighter side of life. Studies reveal that optimistic women had 14 percent less chances of dieing as compared to the pessimistic ones.

6. Having an aim in life:
Having a purposeful life gives an individual a reason to push himself daily and make useful every minute. Having a survival edge makes individuals less likely to give up easily as compared to those who lead their lives aimlessly.

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