Anti Aging & longevity-The Truth Revealed

                       Looking for anti-aging and long life secrets? Search no more. Numerous people believe that the realm of anti-aging is a mere myth. Studies and latest research has proven just the opposite. Instead of advocating longevity potions and brews, science recommends that the secret lies just in how you choose to lead your life. 

A recent study carried out by Dean Ornish, MD, and Elizabeth Blackburn, MD states that health friendly habits actually possess the surprisingly great power of repairing your DNA. The study which was carried on individuals whose eating habits were carefully monitored and consisted mainly of whole grain foods and vegetable and fruits rich diet followed by a simple routine exercise plan revealed that their LDL cholesterol levels reduced to a great extent. 

Not only that, but these individuals also experienced commendable decrease in their stress levels. They key feature of this study however, was the rise in Telomerase enzyme by about 29%. Solely responsible for the repair of Telomeres, this enzyme helps lengthen them by adding infinitesimal protein complexes on the ends of chromosomes. 

This is where the answer to longevity lies as lengthening of Telomeres indicates a good immune system and healthy body. Individuals with short Telomeres and significantly lower levels of this enzyme are at increased risks of diseases pertaining to heart and even cancer.

Hence to live longer, scientists and doctors both recommend sticking to four essential healthy practices, namely: healthy dietary habits, exercise, weight control and abstinence from smoking. A study carried out by Harvard researchers indicates that women who made these four essential points a part of their daily lives boasted a lower risk of premature death, typically by a scale of 71% than those who didn’t. These simple habits are sure to pay off and guarantee you a healthier life.

Ever considered nurturing and tending for your brain’s health? How many times have you actually taken out time to relax those tangled mass of nerves and give your brain a rest? Studies show that the best way to maintain your brain’s health is through exercise. Aerobics work wonders for your brain cells and pump up the heart rate significantly. 

As incredible as it may sound, latest research proves that aerobic exercises tend to increase the blood supply to the brain hence, enhancing the capillary development processes. This means that exercise may actually be the key to retaining a good memory in old age and a healthy working mind.

No matter how enticing the idea of eternal youth may sound, there is sufficient evidence in favor of improved brain power with age. As we grow older our brain starts collecting infinite small facts and knowledge through various experiences. This means that at an older age, your brain has the power to better synthesize and integrate information. This is perhaps the science behind wisdom and how it works on a neurological level. So before spending any more wishful time about anti-aging procedures and secrets, cherish your brain’s growing power and ability while rendering it valuable.

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