Mind Body Techniques for Health and Fitness.

Credits : lesleyreiddietitian.co.uk
How to maintain health and fitness is perhaps one of the most widely discussed topics worldwide. Ranging from numerous medical technologies to medications to many other exercise and fitness routines, our body’s health can be improved by various methods and procedures and habits. However, one of the lesser mentioned facts are the importance of a healthy mind for a healthy body. As the brain is primarily responsible for controlling the entire healing process of a body and its organs, research shows that inducing mind-body technique into our daily life helps strengthen the nervous system of the body and hence guides the body towards better improved health.

      Studies reveal that biofeedback, hypnosis and progressive muscle relaxation helps reveal the body of chronic pains.
While the real reason for this is still to be found, many scientists suggest that these ingenious methods simply help distract the individual from the pain or help release the muscle tension hence resulting in a more relaxed body. Also, individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression, find that mind-body techniques not only help improve their moods by sufficient degrees but also reveal them of the common headaches and laziness that are mostly caused due to depression.

              If you are addicted to maintaining your fitness and are in habit of daily workouts then dealing with temporary setbacks such as injuries or other personal issues may not be that easy. Most people tend to stuff themselves with their comfort food and sugary drinks during their recovery period and return their health and fitness levels to square one. The truth is, instead of ignoring the injury, try to pay attention to it and treat it effectively and wisely. If you feel any uncomfortable pains or cramps then immediately consult a doctor, physical therapist or podiatrist who specializes in sports medicines. Since these professionals will help you heal quickly and encourage you to get back to your exercise plans and workouts instead of prescribing infinite rest and therapies, your injury can be treated quickly without any further complications or setbacks.

             Some of the most common injuries that exercisers go through are pertaining to soft tissues. This includes heel pain and shin discomfort and usually heal in a time period of about three to four weeks if treated properly. Hence in order to maintain your health and wellness, focus on the recovery.

              Maintain your regular exercise habits during your recovery. The exercise does not have to be a break-neck intensity work out but a simple 10-20 minutes’ walk at the same routine time is going to prevent you from making a habit of sleeping over your exercise schedule.
If a walk through the neighborhood sounds unachievable then go for other indoor alternatives such as a stationary bike or flotation vest.
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