9 Arthritis Tips to Ease Pain

              Arthritis is a disease that cannot be healed completely. However, this is not the end of the world, as arthritis pain can be relieved making use of the various techniques and approaches in lifestyle and diet. Diet plays an important part in the intensity of the pain the arthritis disease may trigger. Thus it is recommended that the patients of arthritis refrain from food components comprising of sugar, red meat, citrus fruits, nuts and coffee etc.

 1. One of the best ways to defeat the high intensity of pain caused by arthritis is by trying to get rid of the excess weight of the body. The people who are obese have more mass, which results in inflammation of the joints adding to the pain levels. 

2. Another important diet tip for the arthritis patients is to exclude high protein and meat from their daily diet plans while trying to fill in the major portion of their meals with the help of fruits and vegetables.

3. It is important for the patients of the arthritis to distract themselves in the healthy environment by indulging in the hobbies that offer relaxing and soothing experiences. This may include spending time reading books or gardening etc.
4. One of the most effective therapies against the arthritis pains commonly used by the people is wrapping red flannel gently around the aching joints during the night in order to provide a way to the bones and muscles to relieve the stress. 

5. Warm olive oil can be used for massaging the aching joints as well, which has known to work wonders in alleviating the pain of the patients. 

6. One of the best arthritis home remedy massaging potion can be made from mixing oil of lavender or rosemary or garlic, which is combined with the olive oil in the ratio of 1:10 to be rubbed on the aching joints regularly. Other oils like sage, thyme juniper and even sassafras can be used in the same fashion to comfort the aching joints. 

7. Other ways to reduce the strain in the joints can be managed by taking steam baths as well. Supplements pertaining to the vital vitamins like the vitamin D and calcium should be taken regularly by the patients who are suffering from arthritis as prescribed by their physicians.

8. Another factor that causes the aggravation of the arthritis is constipation. If the patients of arthritis are suffering from constipation they should bring it under the notice of their doctors immediately, who can treat the patients accordingly.

  9. In order to stay healthy in fighting arthritis it is important that the patients make their immune systems of the body stronger by indulging in the healthy ways of life which include an apt diet plan along with the work out regimes, which allows the body to release its stress and boost its energy levels.

 One thing to remember is that it is important to exercise the aching joints regularly, as those patients who do not move their joints much or do not indulge in healthy work out routines have to face high intensity of pains as their joints become stiff overtime.

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